Quality and CSV related Services

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It is a key competence needed for business success in the pharmaceutical and medical device area to have procedures and documentation in place to meet these GMP requirements for passing Authority inspections needed for the approval of all these products and to stay successful in the market.

Services Overview

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Robust compliant Business

We help you to install procedures to secure your business data and meet regulatory requirements in regulated industries.

Business Efficiency

  • Business Process Optimization
  • Data-driven Business Decision Implementation
  • Transparency of Costs and Risks
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Due Diligence Activities

Quality Systems

  • Preparation of chemical/pharmaceutical GMP/GLP Inspections
  • Preparation of Inspection for IT Systems in regulated Areas
  • Auditing you and your Suppliers
  • Gap Analysis for GMP Conformity
  • Data Integrity Gap Analysis
  • Validation and Qualification
  • System Documentation
  • Change Management Optimization

IT Quality

  • Business Requirements – technical Infrastructure Match
  • Computerized Systems Qualification and Validation (CSV)
  • System Qualification Documentation
  • System Inspection
  • Risk-Based Qualification Approach
  • System Training
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Legacy Data handling

Data Systems

  • Document Management Systems
  • LIMS Systems
  • Application Interfaces


  • General SOP’s
  • Validation and Qualification Plans and Protocols
  • Test Scripts
  • Device Descriptions

Chromatographic Data Systems

  • Validation
  • Qualification
  • Installation
  • Backup & Restore
  • Troubleshooting
  • Chromeleon™
  • Laboratory Application Management