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Planta Solutions GmbH
Qualification Solutions and Services for pharmaceutical and biotech Industries

We are mainly in the Basel Switzerland area active in performing of often IT related Qualification, Validation and Documentation tasks for pharmaceutical, biotech and food additive industries.

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There are companies which re-position and adapt their business strategy explicitly forced by external factors they are confronted with. They would like to continue their business forever as they do now. Other companies have a culture of creativity and they adapt their position with innovation and good judgment about upcoming challenges. They probably impress with their quality and effectiveness. We as Planta Solutions would like to support you to acquire or to keep this culture of creativity and change to enable you to react adequately to the continuously faster arising challenges in your business environment.
Special disruptive changes are coming with the Artificial Intelligence technologies presently available and increasingly present in almost all business areas having a huge influence in our business processes.

We would like to build a layer of protection between you and absolute disaster to yield security with clear and clean solutions for a successful business.

We have a big respect of traditional working procedures as shown here but sometimes an adaption to current conditions might contribute to the success of your company:

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All is boiled down to chemistry.

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