Professional Artificial Intelligence and Data Integrity for your Business.

Planta Solutions GmbH is a passionate and knowledgeable partner in business coaching, Data Integrity and Consistency remediation, and integrating AI into your workflow.

We take pride in supporting pioneers from all corners of the world, tackling their most complex challenges with Computerized Systems Validation, Quality, Validation, Chromatographic Data Systems, and Data Integrity. Together, we can overcome anything! We are eager to work alongside you to build and strengthen your organization.

Our expertise will help you take your business to the next level and achieve greatness in all aspects of your operations. Let’s embark on this journey together, discovering new heights of success and excellence!

Recent Case Study

We work with national and often with international companies globally.

Planta Solutions just successfully completed a project to integrate AI features into a new laboratory IT infrastructure.

Save time for things that really matter.

Collaboratively providing Quality, Qualification, Validation, Data Integrity, and Business Efficiency Solutions for your Business

Quality Tasks

We understand that you need to gain more Quality in your products and services over your time of work with us. Make yourself free of these time consuming tasks of assure the Quality and hand over these tasks to us as a specialist.

Professional Team

Our team has considerable long time experience in Quality related tasks, inspections, and Chromatographic Data Systems as Chromeleon® and Empower®.

Expert Advice

In urgent situations it is really recommended to ask the experts for a solution of the issues found. We are used to customize our solutions to meet your specific requirements and we deliver consistent results.

Result Driven

Our efforts have already begun yielding significant effects, as we diligently scrutinize and evaluate outcomes, while prioritizing the safety and confidentiality of data.

Partnership for authentic Quality related experiences.

We confidently serve clients globally, providing top-notch Qualification, Validation, AI integration and Documentation services in both pharmaceutical and IT industries. Based in the thriving area of Basel, Switzerland, our experience and expertise ensure success for any kind of project.

We would like to build a layer of protection between you and absolute disaster to yield security with clear and clean solutions for a successful business.


Latest Projects



Performing Audits at you or your suppliers


Business Development

Finding the right development area or acquisition object



Exploring the way or developping apps to improve automation

Our Company

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies for Quality Systems, Busines Efficiency and Data Systems

There are companies that re-position and adapt their business strategy explicitly forced by external factors they are confronted with. They would like to continue their business forever as they do now.

Other companies have a culture of creativity and they adapt their position with innovation and good judgment about upcoming challenges. They probably impress with their quality and effectiveness. We as Planta Solutions would like to support you to acquire or to keep this culture of creativity and change to enable you to react adequately to the continuously faster-arising challenges in your business environment.

General Questions

All our employees have a technical background such as university degree or long year laboratory experience and additional business related education. All have Chromeleon® and Empower® experience.

We are working for almost all countries. Much of the work is performed online and often there will be an additional visit onsite.

At first it is important to agree about a reasonable goal within a given time period and the available resources. Then all our customers reach their goal.

Sometimes customers approach us too late, when an inspection is just coming or long year technical issues which have never been addressed lead to a catastrophal data loss.

Special Topics



Application for automating archiving of sequences in Chromatographic Data Systems



Application for searching in audit trails from different dates and instruments for expressions

Mass Deployment and roll-out

Our Methods

Special local Requirements?

Country or culture specific necessities

Where are hidden Costs?

Detailed cost breakdown

We are trusted by many as well big multinational clients

We are proud of being known as a reliable consultant and service provider globally.